custom size and colour options availableFebruary 2023


Art Made To Fit Your Wall Space And Colour Scheme:

It is worth noting that if you’re looking to find an artwork to suit your room’s colour scheme or fit your size requirements, Orme Galleries can custom make it for you. Colour scheme is unique to all of us, just as the art is. People often say – I like this image, however the colour is not going to go with my house décor, or that the picture size isn’t right for their room, or the frame colour is not to their taste. For Orme Galleries, this is no problem! We can digitally change colours of our art prints. We have an on-site bespoke framing and printing department. All you have to do is choose the art style, tell us the size of the wall space you want enhancing with unique wall art, and we will create a custom piece, designed by you - for you!


featured artwork sizes: 115 x55 cm

cost framed £159 each

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