Anthony was born in Manchester in 1945 to an expanding family of eight. His mother was a very gifted artist who could draw a portrait from memory. Anthony's early memories were of his mother sitting at the table drawing images on pieces of scrap paper. The drawings were of her heart throb, the late actor, David Niven whom she adored. The drawings were rendered simply but superbly in pen and ink. Anthony never forgot those drawings and to this day is thankful that out of a large family he was the one who received the gift of his Mother's art.

On leaving school he was apprenticed as a copper plate and steel die hand engraver. To gain this position he had to prove his artistic experience and produce many sketches at that time to qualify.

Later on in life he decided that the art side of his work had a greater pull and he became a full time professional painter.

Over the years Anthony has persued his art with a passion and determination which has come to typify this self belief that a coupling of talent, (very) hard work and a modicum of luck will in the end produce a very positive and driving force.

When not travelling abroad to paint, Anthony works from his Manchester studio producing paintings from live models. These include nude, semi-nude and paintings produced from professional ballerinas.